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LDA City Lahore Location Map

October 21, 2017 • Pakistan Property News


Lahore is a Metropolitan City comprising of mixed economy i.e. industrial and agriculture based while its fertile land and peaceful atmosphere attracts people from all parts of country. LDA the developing authority of Lahore has announced a mega development for Lahore with name LDA City Lahore. This will be a mega Housing Project and will comprise of thousands of Kanal on prime location of Lahore. Though the site is in planning process but through initial surveys of LDA, the location is said to be around main Ferozpur road of Lahore.

People who concerns and are conscious about the location of LDA City Lahore are to be informed that the location of site will be around Main Ferozpur Road with main entrance on Ferozpur Road with Butcher Point Canal. Metro Bus Point terminal is located at 1.5 KM away only while Kahna Kacha Road is located in north as well. LDA City Lahore will spread over following seven regions or Mouzas including Kahna, Kacha, Sidhar, Rakh, Jhedu, Thay, Panju, Toor Warriach and Haloki.

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